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What is ELA all about? Is it right for me?

With more than 15 years of experience as a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach, I am offering my clients to support them with their pursuit of a happy and healthy life.

Part of my service is strategical: A bespoke nutrition plan, a regime for physical activity that matches their individual abilities and preferences and a programme to strengthen their health for the long term.

The other part will be very practical: It is about gradually building new habits, learning how to make healthy choices without feeling deprived or restricted. I’ll also show you how to channel your energy towards bringing your personal goals into balance with the challenges of daily life.

Enjoy Life Actively – reflects my firm belief that our health and happiness very much depend on us steering through our life as a victor and not as a victim. – Let me help you getting into the driver’s seat and enjoy the ride!

For German visitors please go to www.ela-fit.de

My Approach

Ela is not only the short version of my name, but also is the acronym for my message to everyone out there: ENJOY your LIFE and stay ACTIVE.

This concept embraces the idea that we only have ONE LIFE and that we should make most of it.. Read more…

Honest Results

Let us face the harsh reality first: There is no quick fix. There is no magic wand. – But there is a MAGIC FORMULA: it’s hidden inside of you and your (hi)story: your predisposition, your metabolism, your current situation, your habits, your “weaknesses” etc.
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Low Fat? Low Carb? Paleo? Vegan? …. Confused?

Let me inspire you to think beyond fads and trends.

All those tweets, posts, blogs and articles in magazines can cause some disorientation and make you feel like your diet does not live up to modern standards However…

This is where a nutritionist comes into the game. You don’t need to put a stamp on your diet or lifestyle and you certainly shouldn’t assume that one size fits all. – Let’s find out the way to fuel YOUR body and how you can make YOUR diet working FOR YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Isn’t personal coaching quite a posh and expensive thing?

Thankfully, the times have changed and just as you have your finances managed by a specialised advisor, your car maintained by a skilled mechanic, it is a perfectly normal and reasonable thing to get assistance from a professional to take care of your long-term well-being.

Do I have to spend the rest of my life following regimes?

On the contrary. Regimes and plans seem such a good support when you get started but it is not in our nature to tick boxes infinitely and it certainly does not make us happy. With Ela’s approach you will learn to make healthy choices, you will be flexible and get into a comfortable healthy routine.

Why don’t I just buy a diet- and workout-book?

Just like the diverse posts on social media and articles about the miraculous shape-up of some celebrity, those books either set out from the assumption that diets, workouts and health can be pressed into formulas and charts which can easily applied to each and everyone or their recommendations are very complicated to put into practice. – In both cases you’re very likely to end up confused, to give up or, what’s even worse, you will be desperate after having made some progress but not being able to make them last. Since you are an individual, let me assist you to find your individual way to success.

I’m here on holiday. Can you help me too?

Of course, it will be my pleasure to also help visitors to our island to keep active and to sustain their healthy life-style. Your private or group sessions can be taken in- and outdoors, at various locations on Islay. Discover and enjoy the island’s beautiful landscapes while your body is active and your lungs breathe fresh and clean air. It might be a helpful detail that Ela is fluent in English, Dutch and German.


Yes, next to personal sessions, you can use Ela’s services wherever you are, whenever suits your busy life and you can choose between English, Dutch and German. At the moment this is already working really well via e-mails, face-time and phone but from January 2019 we’ll take it to the next level: you can log into our membership area, keep your diet- and workout-diary with Ela constantly on tap: monitoring, commenting, supporting… Find this new amenity soon at the main menu Online Coaching

Could I do this together with my partner?

The answer is definitely YES. Wether it is a partner you live with or your neighbour or friend, I encourage and appreciate my clients to find a buddy for mutual support: set out together, helping each other to build new healthy habits, do workouts and walks together etc. Naturally, your partner and you will be presented with their individual health assessment leading to a personal plan of action but from there we can match them to allow you both joining forces.