Ela’s approach

Ela is not just the name by which my friends call me, but also the acronym for my message to everyone out there: ENJOY your LIFE and stay ACTIVE.

This concept embraces the idea that we only have ONE LIFE and that we should make most of it. – So, whatever you wish to achieve, the way to get there must be a way you not only can accept or endure but it should be a way you actually take pleasure in and find easy to follow: no calorie counting, no military-like regimes, no forbidden foods etc. – It would be a lifelong struggle to keep at it.



GET YOUR FIRE BACK! Discover the exhilarating effect of knowing you’re doing the right things in the right way to build the body you desire. Watch how this energy brings forward positive changes in all areas of your life.



SIMPLIFY! Don’t waste time and energy on fads, trends and unrealistic goals. Take pleasure in what you are doing. Celebrate life, cherish every moment! Love your body, reinforce its health and move smoothly through the stages of life.



FIND YOUR MATCH! No-one needs to run 10k or do HIIT workouts just in order to shape up or to stay healthy. Neither will yoga be the cure-all for every body. The choice of beneficial physical activities is enormous. Let’s find out what sparks your love for being active and keeping fit!

Honest results

Custom Plans & Coaching for Your Specific Goals

Let us face it: There is no quick fix. YOU will have to do it. – But there is a WINNING FORMULA and Ela will help you find yours.

It’s hidden inside of you and your (hi)story: your predisposition, your metabolism, your current situation, your habits, the traps you’re likely to get caught in etc.

Once these factors are revealed and brought into the bigger picture, we will include them into our calculation and find you personal path to success.

Naturally, this is quite complex and as personal as it gets. This is where I’d like to offer you my support.

I am passionate about being a Personal coach: This is all about YOU…your inside health and outside beauty.

With your personal situation in mind, you and I will work together to set realistic goals within a realistic time frame. 

With a smart strategy, a balanced plan-of-action and on-going monitoring of your progress, we can ensure that each of your steps brings you closer towards your goal.
And don’t worry, you don’t have to face the practical side on your own: you’ll have me right at your side when you learn to eat, move and think towards a healthier and happier you.

So, get in touch and let’s start your journey right here and right now.

My Story

Meet Ela, Professional Health Coach

Having spent considerable parts of my life in Germany, in the Netherlands and in Scotland, I was so lucky to study in those three quite different cultures and to learn from clients with the most diverse backgrounds. However, what drives me is independent of any geographical boundaries. – There has always been that deep respect and fascination for the human body. To me each body is a unique and precious masterpiece!
Starting off as a real “gym-rat” and bodybuilder helped me to understand our basic construction and functioning, which after a few years resulted in my qualification as a Personal Trainer. From there Nutrition was a logical subject to study. This was followed by a variety of additional courses leading to specialisations in Medical Fitness and Natural Therapies. Life has shown me several times, and from very close-by, that our body is full of potential but still yet vulnerable. It deserves to be treated with skill and care. So, whatever my clients wish to achieve, I will always consider their health the foundation and the overruling objective to all our endeavours.

ELA - in English, Dutch and German

When working on such a personal level, good communication is essential and speaking the same language certainly makes things easier. Since Ela’s coaching is accessible not only to local people but also to online clients as well as to visitors to the island, we are delighted to be able supporting you in those three languages.