Get Fit Classes

“Get Fit” classes cover a broad spectrum of group workouts which are part of ELA-coaching on the isle of Islay: from Bodyweight- exercises to High Intensity Interval Training, from Nordic Walking to Yoga. Whether you just love working out in a group or combine the classes with your personal sessions, come along and enjoy the groups-dynamic!

Due to limited space in the gym-room and in order to build-in the element of progression, the classes are always given in blocks which participants have to register for in advance. Those blocks usually last 6 weeks and within this time we will be focussing on a few specific aspects of the general objective (e.g. upper body strength in our bodyweight-class “Get Fit classic”).

However, if you would like to drop in during a block – for a single session or a trial, you’re absolutely welcome to do so. Please get in touch, so I can keep you a space and help you making a good choice.

Get Fit Classes

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Fitness by Dinosoft Labs from the Noun Project

Get Fit Classic

Objective: Build strength, tone-up & improve metabolism
When: Tuesdays 6 – 7pm
Where: Port Charlotte Primary School
Start: 7th January 2020 (7-session-block, till 25th of February)
What: Please bring your Exercise Ball during this block. During this class we’re doing a whole body workout for beginners and intermediates. The exercises will also be suitable for people who would like to re-start physical activity, who carry some extra weight and/or have weak spots (lower back, ankle etc.) or recover from injuries/operations. – No jumping or high intensive drills, but options for each level, so everyone will experience improvement over the weeks.

Activate & mobilise your muscles and joints &:

  • (Re-)activate your metabolism and gain more energy
  • Strengthen your entire body and improve your coordination & balance
  • Recover and revalidate after illness, injury, operation etc. to get fighting fit again

Please register for the 7-sessions block and bring your Exercise ball and a water bottle.

Fitness by Dinosoft Labs from the Noun Project

Shape-up Beach Fitness

Objective: Tone muscles, burn calories, increase stamina
When:  Fridays, 5pm – 6pm
Where:  Bruichladdich Hall
Start:  10th January 2020 (7 session-block till 28th of February)
What: This is a “Big Fun-, Whole-Body-workout”, comprising a combination of exercises that build strength, improve your stamina and will boost your mood. We’ll include a variety of bodyweight exercises, high intensity intervals and power yoga that will help you to improve your body shape and to burn some serious calories. – This moderate, medium-impact fitness class is suitable for all levels because there will be options for each level: absolute beginners as well as super-trained fitness gods/goddesses.

  • Get long, lean & toned
  • Attack and conquer trouble zones
  • Chisel off excess inches
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Add this class to your cardio workout for a complete fitness regime

Though we’ll be working with a block-scheme, you’re always welcome to just try out if it’s something for you. – Just come along and bring a mat and a water bottle.

Yoga by Dinosoft Labs from the Noun Project

Yoga for a Strong Back

Objective: Improve flexibility, strength & metabolism, stress reduction
When: Wednesdays, 6-7pm
Where: Port Charlotte Primary School
Start:  8th January 2020 (7 session-block till 26th of February)
What: A gentle yoga practice for absolute beginners as well as more experienced yogis. Our sessions will help you getting more flexible, improving your strength, muscle tone and metabolism. During this block you will work on an improved posture, stronger core- and back muscles and you will learn to let go of tension and to tap into your body’s vital energy.

  • Feel energised and more focused
  • Improve flexibility, strength, body shape and balance
  • Lose weight, gain more self-esteem
  • Reduce fatigue, sleeping disorders, symptoms of chronic conditions

Please register for the 7-sessions block and bring a water bottle, an exercise mat and perhaps yoga blocks and a (yoga-) blanket.

Class Schedule

No classes planned for the foreseeable future.