Yes, it’s already June and most of us might be shocked to see that we’re halfway into 2019. – The year you started with the resolution to lose some weight, to give your lifestyle a healthy twist, to bring down your stress-level…

Drop any feeling of guilt if you haven’t achieved much of this yet. Life is busy enough as it is and those noble goals often are snowed under by (unexpected) things that just come up and consume that wee bit of extra time and energy you had reserved to put your plan into practice. Or perhaps you never got to the point of actually having a realistic plan?

Here is the good news: just draw a line and start taking serious steps now. Yes, NOW. Now is the best time for it: with warmer temps and more daylight, we are actually programmed by evolution to be more active and eat healthier in this time of the year. – And with the tops and shorts revealing more of our body-shape, the incentives to work on a fit and healthy (summer) body are also a bit stronger.

However, trust me: you will need a plan, a route to follow. It’s really simple and won’t take much time.

There are only two principles to keep in mind: your plan needs to be realistic, you’ll need to think this through.

So, find a quiet moment, poor yourself a lovely cup of tea, sit down and bring your thoughts onto paper following some basic rules:

1. Write down everything you’d like to achieve. Don’t hold back, just write it down. Selection, fine-tuning etc. come much later. Now it’s time to be honest, daring and a bit like child, sharing their wishes with a fairy.

2. Add to each goal a time frame. Be generous here. Physical and mental well-being is a long-term project, so think months, years. Of course, you’ll be able to reap first results already within a few weeks. – However, you’d like to keep your results, so let’s give your body & mind time to build good habits they can stick to.

3. Now lean back, look at your list and number your goals in the order of importance.

4. Next step: write number 1 -3 on another sheet of paper. They are the ones you should focus on for the coming 3 months. And before you drop your pencil, let’s first dig a bit deeper.

5. For each of those three goals make notes comprising

  • the WHY (what makes you aiming for it, e.g. regular back-pain)
  • the WHAT (tiny steps that will get you on track towards achieving them, e.g. do gentle stretches each morning)
  • the HOW (the way you will be able to actually DO it, e.g. getting up 10 minutes earlier each morning)
  • the STICK-TRICK (how will you keep going: break down each big goal into smaller chunks and a matching period within which you’d like to achieve them. This will give you the means to evaluate progression, review & adjust your new regime (about every 6-8 weeks)
    • e.g. make a note of the frequency and level of your pain – on a scale from 1-10 as you start and see how it is in 6-8 weeks and then decide wether you can step-up your exercise level or add another kind of activity, like regular walks

6. Oh, and don’t worry about those goals from number 4 onwards. You can begin working on them once you’re steady on track towards number 1-3.

This approach ALWAYS does the job: for diet, stress-management, physical activity etc.

It will keep you focused and, providing you take really tiny steps and stay very realistic, it’s easy and even enjoyable to follow. – Results will almost come automatically because as a side effect, you will feel so much better about yourself: fitter, energetic, back in control … and therefore happier.

So, time to grab that pencil 🙂 If you’d like any help, please feel free to contact me.