Personal Coaching

Your way to Inside Health & Outside Beauty

What counts is the fine-tuning of all aspects of your life. Only if your nutrition matches your physical activity and when your mind-set, your sleep-pattern, the way you handle stress etc. are in-sync with them, you’ll experience your body’s full potential to look good, be fit, to be full of energy and to grow older in the best possible shape.

As your Personal Coach, Ela will be listening to you first and then explore together with you which path to take in order to achieve the desired results and to make them last.

So, the following division between the 3 major pillars of a healthy, happy and beautiful life is purely meant to demonstrate the “why, what and how” of Ela’s practical work as your coach.

Find your balance.

Active and healthy people don’t go on a diet, follow the newest workout regime from Men’s Health and suppress their exhaustion with coffee and energy drinks. They eat, train and rest. – Perhaps it’s time to find your way back to more balance in and more control over your life. Perhaps it’s time to work with your body and not against it… and release its amazing potentials.


Learn to feed your body. Help it to use stored energy and regain its ability to recover, to heal and to improve. Food is so much more than the filling for your stomach. Your way of eating is a key-player when it comes to health, happiness, performance and longevity, – So, find out the rules and play your game.


Watch any healthy child and you’ll see that to move around is a basic human desire, a sign of happiness as well as its cause. Let me help you to discover or rekindle your love for being fit and active. We’ll put pleasure and purpose in place self-castigation and boredom.

Celebrate life, cherish your body’s strength and agility.


Being the foundation of every achievement we might desire: a full-filled social life, a successful career, general fitness and overall happiness, health ought to be the priority of all our efforts. So let’s make sure that your actions, your diet and your mind-set are in balance and channelled towards this ultimate goal.

EAT! Nourish your Body!

As your nutrition coach Ela will first look at your current diet and then present you various options to work towards your goal. This means that you won’t have to succumb to any (strict) new eating pattern but that together with Ela you will choose the strategy that suits you best and which you will enjoy committing yourself to.

Naturally, some change in your diet will be required in order to produce the desired results, but these adjustments don’t have to equal “deprivation”. On the contrary, it is vital that you embrace your new diet, take pleasure in experiencing the feeling of lightness and energy-abundance.

Let me show you my world of happy & healthy food that will make you forget about your “old” diet and the scales.

MOVE! Use your Body!

After a free initial chat and a thorough health and fitness assessment, Ela will deliver bespoke workouts comprising a range of physical exercise styles (including Nordic walking, running, strength training, high intensity work, yoga).

No “one-size-fits-all” – solutions but an individual plan of action that matches your situation, abilities, preferences and goals.
Private sessions at a venue of your choice and at a time suiting your busy diary. Weather permitting, all workouts can be taken outdoors to combine your empowering workout with our clean and fresh Islay air.
Tap into my experience as a resourceful personal trainer: strengthen and tone your body, improve your stamina as well as your physical and mental well-being, activate your metabolism.
Team up with me to work towards a set goal and deadline, like a wedding or other big event in your life or to get my support on your endeavour to become the fittest and healthiest version of yourself.

BE SMART! Revitalise your Body!

Often excess body-fat, a lack of energy or frequent inflammations are signs of certain deficiencies in our system that can easily be helped and at the same time bring forward enormous improvements.

This is not about some miracle therapy. I wish I held a magic wand to produce perfect health just like that. – However, once those shortages are balanced out, your body can function better (again) and tap into its self-healing potential which would be a waste if ignored or even suppressed.

Your current health status will be our starting point when we examine possibilities to improve your mental and physical well-being.

It does not matter in which phase of your life you are, wether you suffer from a poor immune-system, symptoms of a chronic condition or are recovering from an injury or surgery. Perhaps you have “just” chosen to live a healthier life, to age in good form…

– Your diet and your lifestyle have a profound influence on the outcome and completely natural remedies like tissue salts, targeted amino-acid and vitamin- or mineral supplements etc. can make all the difference.

Don’t miss out on this potent factor of your formula for long-term health and happiness.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” (Hippocrates)

 But What About After?

How to Maintain Your Results

Proactive Preparation for Life After Coaching

From the beginning the aim is to put you in control of this upgrade of your lifestyle. Together with Ela you will set goals, choose a strategy etc. and therewith gain knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles.

Once we’ve reached a phase when you are settled in your new upgraded lifestyle, Ela will still be there for you on the background. You might decide to have regular sessions to monitor your progress and/or to re-boost your motivation. Naturally Ela will remain answering questions or provide helpful tips by e-mail and phone. From spring 2019 onwards you can also use a personalised membership area on Ela’s website to which you will have life-long access.