Get your healthy weight


Each of us wants to look good and feel great. Changing our nutrition is a sure way to achieve this.

However, words like “diet” often frighten people. They fear restriction in food choice, sacrificing dear habits, abstinence from everything that makes life easy and enjoyable. – Apart from this being a total misconception, I also recommend to ask yourself how much you actually enjoy your current way of food consumption? How much energy do you get from it? Do you actually FEED your body or just “stuff” it? Do you take real pleasure from those in-between snacks and big portions for dinner? Or are they more or less just something you got used to and feel unable to control?

Becoming conscious of WHAT, WHEN and HOW you eat can already make a huge difference – on the scales but also for your health and well-being.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, I am aware that our food pattern is a very sensitive topic and that any changes to it can appear an enormous challenge. I respect that and will help you to gently switch over to new beneficial habits that will bring about a lighter and healthier version of yourself.

We will first get an insight in your current diet and see which steps can be taken – gradually – to help your body utilising its fat reserves.

So, instead of squeezing your life into a “one-size-fits-all” solution, put your “Super-Diet”-book back in the shelf. Let’s develop your personal nutrition regime that serves your aim and your taste-buds.

Age smart

How would you like to look, to feel, to keep a positive mind-set in the decades ahead? How will you grow older and what can you do to enjoy the “golden years of life” in good health?
Thinking about the way we would like to age usually sets in around the time we turn 40 or 50 but it is never too early or too late to get onto this train of thoughts…
And luckily, there is a lot we CAN DO about it. It’s very much like a savings account at the bank (just with a much better interest rate): during the third and fourth quarters of your life you will reap the benefits of how you treated your body during your youth and earlier adulthood.
Consider me your investment-expert and let me show you how your diet, physical activity, sleep pattern and other habits can be cunningly combined for a high quality of life at present and the future.
Of course, nature does not hand out warranties. We all can become ill, have accidents etc. but we do have considerable influence on the likelihood to develop inherited illnesses, on our body’s ability to fight disease and its response to medical treatment.
From my point of view it would be a terrible waste to leave those high-potent resources unused… Intermittent fasting, regular physical exercise, stress-reduction, sound sleep etc. can make all the difference.
With an individual plan of action you can do something every single day that will contribute to a beautiful, healthy and enjoyable life now and later.

Improve your health

By having a thorough assessment of your current health status (including medication and therapy), nutrition and life style, we will be able to identify what undermines your physical and mental well-being. If advisable, Ela will do this in cooperation with your GP and specialist.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.
(Hippocrates, around 400 BC)

The cause of your health issues can be something as simple as a deficiency in certain nutrients or a more complex harmful combination of lifestyle factors. But “knowing the enemy” will provide us with the right weapon to fight it.

You will be stunned by the positive changes you can generate by introducing custom-made adjustments to your daily life.

Don’t take your current health issue as a given. Tap into your body’s resilience and boost its self-healing-potential!

You can’t buy Health

Admittedly, the right supplement at the right moment can help, however, just buying (and taking) another pill or powder won’t bring you the desired result. – We live in a time of excess everything: you have problem – you’ll be flooded with books, products and so-called specialists offering quick and easy relief. It seems just a matter of pressing the “BUY” button and your problems will be solved. If only it was so simple! As I have learnt over the years, the answer often lies not in adding something but in removing of excessive, harmful, draining things from your life. This can be much harder but also far more effective. – Let me help you to get your equation right. Get in touch for a free first consultation.